About Clermont Liberty PAC

The Clermont Liberty PAC was created in 2011 to help support local (i.e. Clermont County, OH, USA) candidates and issues which embody the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.

About Clermont Liberty PAC

A diverse array of local citizens became involved in tea party and other liberty groups because we were unhappy with the direction of our government. To correct the direction of our government we need to participate in the electoral process and elect representatives and support issues that represent our core beliefs.

Tea party community groups and other non-profit liberty groups as structured are generally incompatible for directly supporting candidates or issues. They can present the facts and educate voters and try to do so regularly. However, to actually support and advocate for specific candidates and issues a Political Action Committee or a “PAC”  is required to abide by election law.

Individual members of the Clermont Tea Party formed the Clermont Liberty PAC for the purpose of advocating on behalf of local candidates and issues.

Help Protect Your Liberty – Donate, Volunteer, Vote!

To comply with campaign finance law we must record the name and address of donors. Any contribution over $100 must be by personal check (no corporate contributions allowed). Please download and complete the membership application /donation form from this website to mail in a contribution.

Here is a link to the membership application / donation form.

PACs such as this one will play a critical part in the battle to take our country back.  Thank you for your support as we work to more actively participate in the election process in 2012 and beyond.